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Getting Back for 2018


I come back with hat, er- bike helmet, in hand and asking for forgiveness.   
I said that when we opened the new, now not so new website that I would get back to adding a blog entry each month.  That was June for a meeting in Ottawa.  Since then I have continued writing, but haven’t added squat to the blog or the web site. 

Web Guru Ken had questioned me on this !!  

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The Day and the Web Site have arrived  

The Day and the Web Site have arrived        June 2017


For those of you that have had the patience to stay around with my blogging, or lack thereof over the last year or so, I mentioned that we were thinking, and thinking seriously, about taking all the cycling information I have and creating a web site.


Well that day has finally arrived !!!!

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Good Day. I hope this, second entry is something you look at, after the first, and say.. hey I wonder when this guy is going to post again, and maybe I'll read what he has to say. His thoughts and ideas seem worth following, and maybe, just maybe I'll learn something useful I didn't know about the greater world of cycling.